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Featured Project

Prior to Visual Learning Systems' transition to Overwatch, the company worked with the Municipality of Anchorage, Alaska to create 3D models of the city's buildings for inventory purposes and to show what the city could do with with its plethora of image data.

GIS analysts from VLS used a combination of its own patented software, Feature Analyst® and LIDAR Analyst®, to process the LIDAR data and corresponding ortho imagery.

Below is a series of images from the Municipality of Anchorage project, followed by an explanation of each image.

1. VLS demonstrated to the Municipality of Anchorage that LIDAR Analyst provided accelerated feature extraction (AFE) for LIDAR data. VLS used LIDAR Analyst to classify buildings, including complex rooftops.

2. The overlapping ortho image yielded the street grid and other urban features, using the Feature Analyst software.

3. The combined workflow of both software products, Feature Analyst and LIDAR Analyst, mapped the entire city in a wall-to-wall classification.

4. Three-dimensional viewing allowed for unique perspectives in visualization.



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